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mental health services for perfectionism and people-pleasing
Serving adults online and in the Sacramento area


As someone struggling with perfectionism and people-pleasing, you may often feel overwhelmed, anxious, and perpetually unsatisfied. Driven by an unrelenting desire to meet unrealistic standards and appease others, you might find it difficult to establish healthy boundaries or prioritize your own well-being. As in some cases, the roots of your perfectionism and people-pleasing could be traced back to trauma or the "fawn" survival mode, wherein you learned to cope with threatening situations by prioritizing the needs of others to avoid conflict or secure safety.

The consequences of perfectionism and people-pleasing can impact various aspects of your life, including personal relationships, career, and mental health. You may experience feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and a lack of self-worth, often leading to burnout or disconnection from your own needs and desires. Additionally, your constant pursuit of external validation can make it challenging to develop a stable sense of self, further perpetuating the cycle of seeking approval from others.

you can break free from the restraints of perfectionism and people-pleasing

We recognize the intricate relationship between perfectionism, people-pleasing, and trauma. Our clinicians are skilled in helping you unravel these patterns, understand their origins, cultivate healthier coping mechanisms, and access/heal the heavy emotions that persist despite your logic, reminders, and positive affirmations.


Through compassionate guidance and tailored therapeutic approaches, we aim to empower you to establish boundaries, prioritize self-care, and ultimately break free from the constraints of perfectionism and people-pleasing, fostering a more balanced, fulfilling life.

why work with us?

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grief coach | Brainspotting practitioner

I've spent many years specializing in helping people recover from trauma and build a more loving relationship with themselves. Through professional, compassionate coaching and Brainspotting, I am passionate about supporting those who feel they're ready to heal, but who feel stuck and frustrated with stubborn unpleasant or out-of-control emotions.

I work from a deep understanding of trauma's impact on one's personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual life. I incorporate my experience as a spiritual counselor and Chaplain, knowledge of culturally diverse interventions, and skills as a Brainspotting practitioner, to help people find healing and peace with their own sense of identity and self-worth.

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neurofeedback | therapy

With experience and expertise in trauma-informed mindfulness and self-compassion based approaches, expressive arts techniques, and neurofeedback therapy, I'm able to provide a space in which we not only talk about effective strategies for healing, but also allow you to experience what it feels like to heal.


Neurofeedback also allows me to bring a powerful and unique tool into helping people in more readily and comfortably processing trauma in a way that's felt throughout the mind, brain, and nervous system, providing relief for those whose trauma has been the undercurrent for perfectionism and people-pleasing.


I recognize the significant impact of societal, family, and systemic factors on your experience of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and trauma, and I am committed to helping you quiet the inner critic and feel like yourself.

perfectionism recovery services faq's

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