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We know that mental and emotional suffering is part of our shared humanity. Sometimes you feel anxious or depressed, you fear rejection, and make mistakes. Your body and mind can do things you don’t want them to, especially if you've experienced trauma. You may dwell on the past or future. You sometimes fail at things that are important to you, or worse, lose someone important to you. Sometimes bad things happen, and it’s hard to cope.

You don’t have to do this suffering thing alone (we’re not designed to anyway). With the right help and community, the tough stuff doesn’t have to hit so hard. And even if it does, you can still “keep it together” without stuffing your emotions; we’re humans, not robots! You don’t have to rely on over-working, over-scrolling, or over-medicating to feel okay. We can  help get you there.

As a group of holistic health practitioners, we know that wellness comes from nurturing both the mind and body. It’s our mission to help you reconnect with the things that humans were designed to thrive off of. This includes:

  • Routine attention to mental, emotional, and spiritual health

  • Self-expression and gently letting emotions out as they come

  • Quality (non-numbing) time with nature, other human beings, and yourself

  • Having support and a self-compassionate roadmap for dealing with tough emotions 

  • Balancing other-care with self-care

  • Having access to noninvasive alternatives and compliments to medication

  • Trauma-sensitive treatments to help calm overactive fight/flight/freeze responses

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therapy & Coaching

You may be pushing through a rough patch and need an extra boost of support. Or perhaps you want a maintenance plan with regular therapeutic "workout" sessions for emotional fitness. Maybe you're ready to focus on healing from past trauma. We want you to get the guidance and support you need to reach your unique goals.

Our therapists and coaches want to help you move beyond "getting by" and "functioning". We work to help you unlock your innate ability to thrive.

We offer:

  • Individual therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Individual grief coaching

  • Group grief coaching

Psychotherapy Therapy Counseling Coaching
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