about us

what drives us

You want to take better care of your mental health, but it’s difficult to find the right specialists. You aren’t certain you’re taking the right steps, or that you know what your best options are outside of the traditional talk therapy and medication routes. 

Just as there’s so much more to physical health than salads and treadmills, there is more to mental health than talk therapy and medication. You don’t have to keep feeling lost, stuck, or unsatisfied with your mental health care. The world of mental health services is vast, and growing. You have a lot of options.

Wellness for Humanity specializes in the modern approach to mental health care. We offer powerful holistic services that live between and beyond talk therapy and medication, all under one roof. These services attend to social, emotional, and mind-body care, as well as advanced non-invasive therapies for the brain and nervous system. 

Additionally, each of our clinicians are highly specialized in their own niches and fields, such as infertility, sexual trauma, spiritual/religious trauma, narcissistic abuse, and grief. You’ll never get a generalized approach to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new everyday mental health routine, or powerful therapeutic alternatives to medication, we invite you to reach out to our team to see if our services and specialties fit what you’re looking for.

what we believe

We know that individual wellness isn't just about one person. Cultural and societal norms/systems come into play in big and subtle ways. Politics show up in more ways than just who we vote for. These factors are always influencing our well-being. For you to decide if our approach to wellness is a good fit for you, here are a few things we think you should know:

We believe in equity and justice for all.  We believe Black Lives Matter, and unapologetically work from an anti-racist lens. We are tireless allies to the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe in science and do our part to protect the environment, and protect each other with COVID safety protocols.

We want to provide a safe environment for those we treat and for our practitioners and if these values do not align with yours, we may not be the right fit for your journey.

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co-founder, lmft

"I specialize in helping people build more self-compassion, self-acceptance, and sense of empowerment to live by your true values (not by other people's expectations!). I'm driven by my own story of having to learn how to balance other-care with self-care, and realizing how life-changing self-compassion can be. I'm also passionate about helping people honor the fact that mental health is health; we all need and deserve to attend to it in order to live a fulfilling life."

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Co-founder, lCSW


"My practice as a therapist has included a variety of settings, public and private, with and for individuals, couples, youth, and families from diverse ethnic, cultural, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I have practiced and taught meditation for several years. I am also an artist and writer and am currently working on my first children's book."


Doctor of acupuncture & chinese medicine

"On my own healing journey, I discovered the benefits and effectiveness of natural and holistic medicine. I decided to make it my career and pursued higher education in Chinese Medicine. My own healing path has taught me to have compassion for myself and patience for the process and it is with empathy and insight I serve my patients."

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transformational coach, ms

Tamara has had many years of educational experience and has studied extensively in the fields of spirituality and psychology. She holds an MS in Psychology, is a Brainspotting Practitoner, and is certified in ASIST by Living Works. She holds a certificate in Television & Radio Broadcasting with a focus on creating healing content and completed her clinical pastoral education residency at UC Davis Medical Center.


Most importantly, Tamara brings personal experience to her work as a professional grief coach. She is an authentic, empathetic presence for those who are experiencing grief, loss and change and working at healthy integration.