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It'd be nice to be superhuman and "have it all together",
but the truth is, you're human

We're here to help you both optimize brain performance and find
self-compassion in the messy, imperfect, moments

let's get acquainted

It may feel like there's a lot at stake if you're not on top of your game, so your inner critic is harsh and persistent. You have too many responsibilities, too many people who rely on you, and you have to find a balance between sharp performance and compassionate self-care.

We're here to help you find that balance

and feel like your best self.


why us?

Our team is one of the only neurofeedback centers in Northern California that also offers quality mental health therapy, coaching, and groups in one place.


What makes us unique is our holistic approach to brain health and mental health. We love brains!  And we know that improving emotional wellness and mental clarity MUST involve improving brain health and harnessing the power of neuroplasticity--the brain's ability to rewire itself to function better. This is our specialty.

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Kalene is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Wellness for Humanity. Here are a few of her areas of expertise: Othmer Method neurofeedback, psychotherapy for perfectionists, people-pleasers, sexual trauma survivors, and AAPI folks, efficient luggage packing, befriending feral cats, and proper preparation of green tea.

When Kalene isn't supporting emotional, mental, and brain health, she's spending quality time with her family, reading nerdy science nonfiction books, or doing artwork of any kind.

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Tammy is a compassionate grief coach with a master's in Psychology and an experienced group facilitator. Here are a few things she can help you with: Helping your nonprofit or corporation improve workplace relationships and navigate company changes, guiding you through grief and trauma recovery, achieving deep emotional processing with Brainspotting, keeping you up-to-date on local events and music, and suggesting beautiful places to walk in nature.


When she's not stirring up healing, cathartic crying in others, she's enjoying time with her two adult children or laughing with friends.


Ana is Wellness for Humanity's Office Manager and Jane of all trades, helping the office run smoothly and assisting with tasks both in front of and behind the scenes. Here are some of the ways she can help you: Confirming appointments and clinician schedules, clarifying things about billing and payments, ensuring that you receive important documents and updates, coming up with amazing party decoration ideas, and recommending action-packed movies.

when your brain feels better,

you feel better.

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