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hi! i'm tamara.

coach, ms psychology

I specialize in guiding individuals, groups, and organizations through grief, loss, and change, and helping those who have experienced spiritual wounding or spiritual trauma. 

when i'm not working

I am a grateful wife and mother of two adult children and a fur child. I love my family and friends and enjoy laughing, spending time in nature and being around those I love. I am very serious about love and healing.

my education and training

I've had many years of educational experience and have studied extensively in the fields of spirituality and psychology. I hold an MS in Psychology, am a Brainspotting Practitoner, and am certified in ASIST by Living Works.


I also hold a certificate in Television & Radio Broadcasting with a focus on creating healing content and completed my clinical pastoral education residency at UC Davis Medical Center.


Most importantly, I bring personal experience to my work as a professional grief coach. I've done the work of healing and integrating grief, loss and change and the impact it has had on my personal, emotional, and spiritual life. It is for this reason that I provide an authentic, empathetic presence for those who are experiencing grief, loss and change and working at healthy integration.

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corporate wellness

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Grief counseling with tamara

I work with people who are tired of trying to “push through” their grief, loss, or trauma and are ready to go through a more intentional and self-compassionate healing journey. My clients are often looking for someone who can personalize treatment around their spiritual and cultural identity.

We may be a good match if you...

Feel overwhelmed by the pain of grief and loss, and feel unsure about what it means to "process" or "move on"

Have gone through a major change in your life and want guidance and support as you navigate through uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, grief, and stress.

Are struggling to heal from past trauma and its lingering effects that may be interrupting your sense of peace, identity, or ability to connect with others

Want to heal from spiritual wounds or spiritual trauma, and/or want to explore how spirituality can help you on your healing journey

click on my specialties below to learn more
Grief Counseling


Brainspotting is like physical therapy for your brain. This "brain-body" therapy, or “bottom up” therapy, releases physical stress in the body, leading to the release of emotional stress in the body as well.


It uses the science of how eye position helps your brain recover from distress and process information (as seen in REM sleep), and targets things like PTSD symptoms, addiction, anxiety, and depression

Used as a stand-alone treatment or paired with traditional counseling, Brainspotting is considered a "super-therapy", often achieving results seen in long term talk therapy in 8 sessions or less. 

what a typical session looks like


1. Setting
the stage

Sessions are offered online and in-person. They'll begin by helping you get into a relaxed, mindful state.


2. Finding your

You'll identify where in your body you feel the most distress, and where your eye gaze naturally lands


3. Getting

You'll be expertly guided through eye positions and hone in on feelings that emerge, letting your brain process distress efficiently


wellness for Corporations & Nonprofits

when your team struggles, your business struggles

It could be grief and loss from the COVID-19 pandemic, difficulty dealing with major changes and transitions within the company, unclear or strained relationships that lead to low morale, disorganization around the organization's mission and goals, or shared trauma experienced in the workplace. 


By prioritizing your team's mental health and creating a safe space to communicate openly, you can build the foundation your organization needs to thrive

I provide direct group and individual counseling and corporate coaching services for corporations and nonprofit organizations. I can also help coordinate services within the Wellness for Humanity team to provide your company with corporate wellness packages personalized to your needs, which could include psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and group or individual acupuncture.

Corporate Wellness
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