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Corporate Wellness

Coaching, Counseling, and Wellness for Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations

when your team struggles, your business struggles

It could be grief and loss from the COVID-19 pandemic, difficulty dealing with major changes and transitions within the company, unclear or strained relationships that lead to low morale, disorganization around the organization's mission and goals, or shared trauma experienced in the workplace. 


By prioritizing your team's mental health and creating a safe space to communicate openly, you can build the foundation your organization needs to thrive

Wellness for Humanity provides direct group and individual counseling and corporate coaching services for corporations and nonprofit organizations. We can also help coordinate services within the Wellness for Humanity team to provide your company with corporate wellness packages personalized to your needs, which could include psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and group or individual acupuncture.


How it works



We start with a free 30-minute consultation with the organization’s leader(s) to discuss the team’s needs, questions, and preferred budget. We collaborate with you to create a wellness package that makes sense for your goals.


2. Attend your first group session

Your coach will hold an initial group meeting with the entire team. This is an essential part of assessing the organization’s starting point, as well as setting the tone for a safe, compassionate space to begin your wellness journey together.


3. build a healthy
connected team

We’ll provide caring and professional support based on your wellness package, helping your team build the connectedness, healing, and communication it needs to function with ease and peace.

corporate wellness packages

Customize your package so it meets your organization’s budget and unique needs. Explore options and receive a quote during your initial free 30-minute consultation.


Base package:

  • Free 30-minute initial consultation 

  • Initial 2-hour group session with leadership and staff together

  • Two 1-hour follow-up groups provided one month apart


Optional package selections:

  • Sessions for Individual Team Members:

    • Coaching/Counseling

    • Psychotherapy

    • Acupuncture

    • Brainspotting

    • Neurofeedback

    • Somatic Experiencing

  • Sessions for Groups:

    • Additional Group Coaching/Counseling

    • Group Acupuncture

    • Group Brainspotting

    • Mindfulness-Based Classes

meet your Coach


Corporate Wellness Coach & Counselor


  • Grief, loss, and change

  • Organization leadership, structure, & relationships

  • Group Brainspotting

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