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mental health support to help you recover from spiritual or religious trauma
Serving adults online and in the Sacramento area

the deep connection with your spirituality has been broken, and you're not sure how to rebuild

Spiritual and religious trauma can be a profoundly isolating and disorienting experience, leaving you questioning the very foundations of your beliefs and identity. As you grapple with the aftermath of your experiences, feelings of betrayal or abandonment may arise from the community or spiritual leaders you once trusted. Navigating the complexities of your emotions and the impact on your daily life can be incredibly challenging, making it difficult to find solace and maintain meaningful connections with others.

Shame, guilt, or anger are common emotions faced by those recovering from spiritual and religious trauma. You may struggle to reconcile these emotions with your prior beliefs or the expectations of your community. This internal conflict can make it difficult to engage in daily activities or find enjoyment in the pursuits that once brought you comfort.

you can reclaim your sense of identity and peace

We understand the unique struggles associated with spiritual and religious trauma, and we are dedicated to providing a compassionate and safe space for you to explore your feelings, heal, and rebuild your sense of self. We tailor our approach to your individual needs, ensuring that you feel heard, understood, and supported throughout your healing journey, and offering brain-based services to address the "nonverbal" aspects of trauma that live in the body and require more than talking in order to heal.

We are committed to helping you reestablish a sense of inner peace. By working together, we can help you move beyond the wounds inflicted by spiritual and religious trauma, enabling you to reclaim your power and resilience, and ultimately, thrive in a way that feels authentic and nourishing to you.

why work with us?

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grief coach | Brainspotting practitioner

I've spent many years specializing in helping people navigate through spiritual wounding and trauma recovery, including the sense of grief and loss that comes with it all. I incorporate my experience as a spiritual counselor and Chaplain, knowledge of culturally diverse interventions, and skills as a Brainspotting practitioner, to help people find healing and peace. 


I work from a deep understanding of dealing with trauma and grief's impact on one's personal, emotional, and spiritual life, and I take healing spiritual wounds very seriously. I would be honored to help you navigate through the heavy emotions of spiritual/religious trauma so you can restore a sense of faith that feels authentic to you.

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neurofeedback | therapy

I've been in the field since 2011 supporting people dealing with trauma and the feelings of grief, anger, shame, and confusion that comes with it. My professional background in mindfulness approaches, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy allow me to bring expertise into supporting others build more compassionate and attentive self-reflection, opening the door to kind understanding their own reactions to trauma, and rediscovery of their needs, boundaries, and identity.

My training in infralow and deep state neurofeedback also allows me to bring a powerful and unique tool into helping people in more readily and comfortably processing trauma in a way that's felt throughout the mind, brain, and nervous system, as much of this deep work on rebuilding faith and identity requires much more than time and/or talking.

spiritual & religious trauma recovery services faq's

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