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Group Therapy and Wellness Workshops for Adults
Online and In-Person in Sacramento, CA.

connect, learn, heal.
build your community.

our groups & workshops

Open to women 18+ who want to be heard, supported, and empowered by fellow survivors. Build connections, coping skills, and self-compassion. 
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Image by Michael Rosner-Hyman
Arm Around Shoulder

for overthinkers

All genders 18+ are welcome. If you identify with being an overthinker, perfectionist, or people-pleaser, join us to build and practice self-compassion.
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Breathing Meditation

our customized workshops

Group therapy

interested in joining?

step 1:
let's meet.

Complete a contact form or schedule a phone call. We offer free phone consultations to make sure our group/workshop matches your needs.

step 2:
let's prepare.

We'll connect you with the group facilitator. They'll schedule an assessment to learn more about your goals and review group/workshop guidelines

step 3:
let's do this.

Attend your first session and get the peer support and expert guidance you need to go from overwhelmed and isolated, to connected and empowered.   

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