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A four-week workshop in Sacramento for families, partners, and caretakers of those struggling with a mental health disorder

supporting loved ones
supporting ourselves

it's time to prioritize self-care and connection

Dealing with a loved one’s mental health struggles, past trauma, or diagnosis can create significant grief, worry, confusion, guilt, disbelief, disconnection, or feelings that you’re in crisis.


You want to continue being a solid support or caretaker for them but aren’t sure how. You’re worried your efforts won’t be enough, or worse, may cause them harm

You don’t want to cause harm to yourself either. Finding ways to cope and set healthy boundaries is a priority. 

For both of your sake, you can't keep grasping in the dark for answers, nor can you act like everything is the same as it was before mental health challenges.

feel more empowered as a support person

This 4-week workshop series is dedicated to supporting families, partners, and nonprofessional caretakers of those struggling with their mental health, so you can feel more confident navigating mental health challenges with your loved one, and recognize that you’re not alone. It offers a safe space where you can be heard and validated, learn skills about how to balance other-care with self-care, and to get expert, personalized guidance for your most burning questions. Major topics for the workshop series include:


We'll Meet Here!

Creating healthy boundaries by getting more clarity on when to step in, when to take time for yourself, and how to detach from taking on responsibilities that aren’t yours to carry

Learning how to nurture yourself through grief over losing the life that both of you had before mental health struggles became part of the picture

Building communication skills that will help you reclaim a sense of connection alongside healthy boundaries, and build your confidence in knowing the things you “should or shouldn’t” say

Boosting self-care and self-compassion so you don’t feel like you’re pouring from an empty cup as a support person

We'll meet for 4 weekly sessions, 90 minutes each
Location: 900 Howe Avenue, Suite 230

Next series: May 2, 2024
Now Enrolling!

Investment is $120 for the full 4 weeks

Space is limited to 10 participants

meet the workshop facilitator


Howe T headshot3_edited.jpg

Tammy is Wellness for Humanity's workshop facilitator and professional grief and life coach with a Master's in Psychology. She's spent her career leading groups and providing support to people dealing with the grief, shock, confusion, and uncertainty that come with major loss and change.

Guiding discussions and providing education aren't her only superpowers! Tammy is also formally trained in Brainspotting, including Brainspotting in group settings; a powerful treatment for helping the brain process unresolved trauma and unhelpful emotions or belief systems that are "stuck" in the nervous system.

find your balance while navigating mental health challenges together

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