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Brainspotting for adults
online and in sacramento

Brainspotting is designed to treat that "stuck" feeling for trauma survivors, without being too overwhelming. Using the neurophysiological science of how eye position impacts the brain's processing (like in deep REM sleep and EMDR treatment), Brainspotting offers a gentle but effective way to heal from trauma.

Brainspotting may be a good fit for you if you:

  • Want to recover from past trauma without having to talk in depth about it

  • Experience both physical and mental effects manifestations of posttraumatic stress

  • Have considered EMDR, but want a gentler approach so you don't have to feel like you're re-living the trauma

  • Hope to significantly decrease the length of time it takes to recover from past trauma

Brainspotting is like physical therapy for your brain. This "brain-body" therapy, or “bottom up” therapy, releases physical stress in the body, leading to the release of emotional stress in the body as well. It effectively targets PTSD symptoms, addiction, anxiety, and depression

Used as a stand-alone treatment or paired with traditional counseling, Brainspotting is considered a "super-therapy", often achieving results seen in long term talk therapy in 8 sessions or less. 


what does a typical
brainspotting session look like?


1. Setting
the stage

Sessions are offered online and in-person. They'll begin by helping you get into a relaxed, mindful state.


2. Finding your

You'll identify where in your body you feel the most distress, and where your eye gaze naturally lands


3. Getting

You'll be expertly guided through eye positions and hone in on feelings that emerge, letting your brain process distress efficiently

Brainspotting videos and resources

meet your practitioner


Brainspotting specialties: 

  • Traumatic Grief and Loss

  • Spiritual/Religious Trauma

  • Group Brainspotting

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