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therapy for
trauma & grief
that lives in the
mind, body, & brain

Holistic Mental Health and Modern Alternatives to Medication
for Adults Online and in Sacramento

neurofeedback   brainspotting   therapy   wellness workshops

Is this you?

Struggling with heavy emotions that just won't go away, no matter how much you talk about it


Frustrated that the "right" coping skills and logic don't seem to work for you; your brain just won't listen!


Feeling stuck and overwhelmed by the intense reactions to grief or trauma, like fight, flight, and freeze


Searching for clear, practical advice that actually works to deal with the ups and downs of trauma and grief


Tired of feeling alone in your thoughts and emotions, while juggling work, family, and other responsibilities

our team is here to help

We provide personalized healing through innovative brain treatments, individual therapy, group sessions, and wellness workshops, empowering you to overcome trauma, tackle grief, and confidently reclaim your life.

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neurofeedback | therapy

Sexual Trauma

Perfectionism & People-Pleasing

brainspotting | coaching

Grief, Loss, & Change

Spiritual Trauma

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Get help navigating grief so you can transform loss into renewed strength

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Reclaim your power, identity, and self-compassion after sexual trauma

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Heal religious and spiritual wounds, and restore your faith, hope, and inner peace


Quiet overthinking and soothe anxiety that often accompanies trauma and grief


Improve communication, morale, and resilience for your workplace


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Therapy and Coaching

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How It Works

Request a free consultation through our contact form to share a bit about your goals 


Get connected with a provider who will collaborate with you on creating a plan for your journey


Start sessions and get the support you need to heal and reclaim your life from trauma and grief

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