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Neurofeedback, Therapy, and Wellness Workshops
for Adults Online and In-Person in Sacramento, California

A calmer brain.
more self-compassion.
better relationships.


We work with people who are overworking to “keep it all together” but are neglecting their own mental health, brain health, and healthy connections with people around them. They’re often helpers, perfectionists, high-achievers, or overthinkers. They may be business owners, caregivers, athletes or performers, or corporate leaders.

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Our Sacramento Office

If that already sounds like you,
then maybe this does too:

Overwhelmed by heavy responsibilities or other people’s expectations

Unsure of how to set healthy boundaries with your work, time, and loved one’s needs

Worried about how chronic stress is hurting your physical health and mental sharpness

In need of a big change but hesitant to rely on medication to get there

You've pushed aside your needs for too long.
It's time for a reset.

meet our team of specialists

Hi! We are a small team of mental health specialists here to help you achieve the 'reset' you need, and take care of yourself as much as you take care of everything/everyone else. 


We have specialized training in neurofeedback, or "brain training," to enhance, complement, and go beyond traditional talk therapy and medication.


We're experienced in the traditional stuff too! We offer quality psychotherapy, coaching, and groups, so care for brain health and emotional health are available to you under one roof.


This gives you more options and control over what your mental wellness looks like.

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our specialties


Brain training to give you a nervous system "reset". Address symptoms of anxiety, trauma, ADHD, depression, and cognitive changes from brain injury.
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The Neurofeedback Room

groups & workshops

We offer support groups and workshops to the community, and corporate wellness services to local businesses.
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The Group   Room

therapy & Coaching

We have special training in addressing grief & loss, sexual trauma, spiritual & religious trauma, and perfectionism & people-pleasing.
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More Therapy Rooms!

Ready to start?

step 1:
let's meet.

Complete a contact form or schedule a phone call. We offer free phone consultations to make sure our services match your needs.

step 2:
let's plan.

We'll connect you with the clinician who can best support you. They'll schedule an assessment where, together, you'll map out a personalized plan.

step 3:
let's do this.

Dive into your new chapter, where you have expert guidance that can help you go from overwhelmed, and overstressed, to clearheaded and nurtured.   

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900 Howe Ave., Suite 230

Sacramento, CA 95825



(916) 245-7329

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