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 wellness workshops

Personalized groups for you and your peers or loved ones,
online and in-person in the Sacramento area

education and discussions to nurture self-love and relationships 

Wellness for Humanity offers workshops provided  by our partner, The Love Café. The Love Café workshops are held in-home, online, or on-site, providing meaningful discussions and education on topics from the Love Café Menu.

customized workshops

Our in-person workshops are tailored to meet the needs of you and your loved ones. You can either host a Love Café in your home, at our office, or at a local venue/café. This is for those who want to more closely connect within their birth families, extended families, chosen families, marriages, partnerships, parenting, workplaces, faith communities and more.


When hosting an in-person Love Café, participants gather in a group of 8-15 people to share a meal and have a discussion that directly relates to a growth area of love that is needing guidance and support. Our Love Café facilitators provide participants with education and helpful skills that promote growth and connection.

Each Love Café focuses on a specific theme of your choosing from the menu:

Friends at Cafe

love cafe Menu



strengthen loving relationships

anger &


setting healthy boundaries


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Love Café Menu

meet your workshop facilitator

Howe T headshot3_edited.jpg
coach  |  m.s. Psychology

I incorporate my experience as a group and retreat leader, spiritual counselor and Chaplain, knowledge of culturally diverse interventions, and skills as a Brainspotting practitioner for group Brainspotting to help people find healing and connection. I am very serious about healing and helping people find transformation at both a practical level and a deep/spiritual level.

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