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love cafe workshops

Personalized workshops for you and your loved ones,
in-home or on-site in the Sacramento area

start the conversation you need to grow love and connection

Love Café is an in-home or on-site workshop tailored to meet the needs of you and your loved ones. It is for those who want to more closely connect within their birth families, extended families, chosen families, marriages, partnerships, parenting, workplaces, faith communities and more.


When participating in a Love Café, participants gather in a group of 8-15 people to share a meal in their home and host a discussion that directly relates to a growth area of love that is needing guidance and support. Our Love Café facilitators provide participants with education and helpful skills that promote growth and connection.


Each Love Café focuses on a specific theme of your choosing:

Friends at Cafe

love cafe themes

love &

communicate with love & patience

anger &


setting loving boundaries


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love cafe
creator and facilitator

The Love Cafe workshops are based on the short stories by Tamara Bahlhorn, entitled 'Love Cafe' (Volumes 1 & 2).


Corporate Wellness Coach & Counselor


  • Grief, loss, and change

  • Organization leadership, structure, & relationships

  • Group Brainspotting

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